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Need an Idea on how to attach Remote Control..

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Dear buddies,
I need a suggestion from you regarding the remote control.
Actually i have stabilised platform in which i used tilt sensors to stabilise it constantly. So, if the things gone wrong in the tilt sensor if it shows some error in the stabilisation then i should correct it by using Remote Control without touching the platform physically. I mean it must self calibrate automatically by the press key in remote control. Hope you understood. Lemme know your suggestions and ideas.

Please suggest with good explination and briefly..


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If you are stabilising it constantly why do you need a remote?

And if the remote command tells it to perform a "self calbration" why not do that automatically anytime it is not stabilised properly?


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I have given case that if tilt sensor gone wrong then what would be the situation? @Mr RB
hi GB,
In that case how would the remote cal command correct the platform if you have a faulty sensor, wouldnt that make the platform unusable.??

or do you mean manual control of the table 'tilt' using a remote rather than calibration.?
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