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Name of component in diptrace?

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I doubt you'll find that component specifically, but you should be able to work with the symbol and footprint for a a 3x1 2.54mm/0.100" header. That's essentially what that is.


Easiest way is to just add 3 x pads, the spacing will be 0.1"/2.54mm. Adjust the pad properties to suit.
If you want to make a pattern use Pattern editor and draw some lines around the pads.
Same if you want a component but use Component editor.
Re number 2 of the pads from 1 to 2 & 3 or the editor will complain.
If you've never used the editors this will be a very easy starter project.
Most of the time I find it is easier to make up my own patterns rather than searching through the libraries.


Thank you, I found a component that I modified but rest of the circuit I had it easier to make my own patterns like you say, than using the library. Im not familiar with any standards and there were a lot different to choose from in the library...
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