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n00b needs advice: Infrared Emitter and Receiver

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Shion Uzuki

New Member
Hi! I am new to electronics circuits. In my school project I need to use 5 sets of Infrared sets.

I am planning to use this type of Infrared Diodes. Can anybody tell me the approx. range of these LEDs?


Active Member
With Siemens / Vishay Telefunken IR receivers (SFH506, TSOP1738 etc.), the range can be as long as 5 meters i.e 15 feet. With more LED's you can double the distance.

For better range, LED should be powerfull and also receiver should be sensitive.


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The distance between emitter and receiver depend from circuit solutions. Most of r/c senders use impulse modulation, in this case the LED peak current about 3A! Receivers have AGC (Automatic Gain Control): the first pulse of data-packet set the receiver sensitivity to optimal.
With good lens both side possible build with 555-s an infra-gate for 10...12meters distance.
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