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My first time using Eagle to design. Please look.

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Ok I installed the trial/free version of eagle it will work for what I want to do. I go through and make a schematic and then start to design the PCB after placing all the parts on the PCB and "wire it up." I get a message saying I should run the "error and waring" thing. I do that and I look at what it posts back and Dont under stand it is the wiring all wrong?

Here is the schematic and board files so you can see what the errors are.
Any help on how I can fix this I just dont under stand it yet.



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I cannot comment directly on the Eagle development product, but have some experience with the ExpressPCB. The errors I got mainly dealt with the schematic hookups (but the pcb layouts are a possibility also). Sometimes on a complex design, you need to zoom in on the designated areas and really look close at the connections. I had several points that were not 100% end to end connections. When you do your trace layouts, it is hard to determine the exact end point placements if you are zoomed out to far. Other possibilities are overlapping or crossing traces on the same side of the board. If possible, close the view for one side, carefully examine it for crossing paths, correct any found, the do the same for the other side layout.
Just a few thoughts.
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