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Multi message voice playback circuit

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I'm looking for a multi message voice playback kit or circuit. I have seen the sequential circuits but I am looking for a circuit that would allow me to trigger one of several pre recorded messages for playback. Any help is appreciated.


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International Storage Devices (ISD) produced voice storage chips with different rec/pb time. ISD today formerly Winbond.

Artie Ziff

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You do not mention how many seconds or minutes you need.
I agree with Sebi you could use one of the Winbond ISD chips they go up to 8 and 16 minutes ISD5108 and ISD5116
and you control them with SPI,
You don't mention if this is to be computer controlled there is also PC controlled

Another option is allophones SP0256-AL2 Speech IC
but it will sort of sound like Stephen Hawking

I used a CD that had my speech on it. Walmart sell a cheap wired remote cd player. I hacked the remote with relays across the switches. Controlled it with a PIC. (worked for me)

If you want only a few seconds 20~60s try Walmart or Toys-R-us they sometimes carry toys that record voice and allow it to be played back in any order. Hack it in a similiar way to my CD example above.

Is this for Halloween by any chance?


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No, not a Halloween item. It's a personal project I'm working on to get back into electronics. I went to school for electronics and ended up in mechanical.
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