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microwave oven

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constructing a microwave oven

hye..i need your help on something...anyone can point me to somewhere that can help me with my project...i need a complete schematic circuitry of a microwave oven, a simple one perhaps...it should have timer, 7segments,keypad,buzzer and motor circuitry...need help ASAP...thanks~~

btw, i need to load the programs on the microP used in the circuit using m68k..
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Just curious, but why build? I bought my last one for under $30, new, at Walmart. It's not huge or super fancy, but does have a turntable, keypad, and digital display. My old one (still too afraid to open), was old when I got it, and used it for 14 years. It had a mechanical timer, which I believe is what failed. I could see replacing that, likely with a simple switch, but need to.

Anyway, this really sounds like homework, and you should try Google for 'How-It-works'. Doubt you will find many schematics, or service guides, as it's probably not encouraged for the part time handyman.

Most people here use AVR or pic, microcontrollers. I've only used AVR, so no help there.
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