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Microwave cooker modulation

Nigel Goodwin

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interestingly, that's how RADAR was discovered...
Strangely enough I read that just the other week - we went to a museum that used to be a prisoner of war camp, and one of the exhibits was about the competition the government ran to try and create a 'death ray', and they discovered radar by accident.

I was VERY impressed with the place, we could have done longer there, I initially thought a couple of hours would be more than enough, but we only left when it got too dark.



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as Nigel Goodwin said, that is incorrect

it has been done and varies well enough for ATV which is reasonably wideband ...
I do have the paperwork for a project presented in 73 Amateur Radio mag of some years back, that an amateur radio op used for doing ATV on 2.4GHz using around 500W microwave magnetron

i happened across this article, this is probably what you are thinking of.... [microwave oven ATV transmitter]

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