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Microchip design offers

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I am working with microchip products, o if someone need something to be designed, just feel free to contact me.
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I am at beginning level of knowledge. PWM regulated lights with remote control (both SW and HW). PIR controlled light spots with MCU control of time and dimming (both SW and HW) , Low cost UPS (both SW and HW). I wish i have more ideas to work on.
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Hardware and or Software? Please define designed.
Where are you? What country?

"Please define designed.":
Someone need somekind of device to be build or part of device, so he can send the porpouse to me and i give back my ideas and design. For example : you work on something big and the small parts of your project cost time and you do not want to deal with these "small parts", this is what i am looking for . I will build the device, do the test and send back the project ready for manufacturing. Or just the SW , it depend on the assignment.



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I think you are advertising in the wrong forum. Your offer is like "bringing coal to Newcastle". Nearly everyone here is at least a beginner level microcontroller developer.

You may have more success advertising your skills on an LED Lighting site or a Lighting Design forum.

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