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Web-based Design Collaboration Group for RF, DSP and Modem ICs and IP Cores


New Member
Hello everyone,

We're a group of people focusing on design of RF, DSP and modem (modulation and demodulation) ICs and IP cores across the world. Our people come from all parts of the world, specializing in wireless, particularly satellite communications. We're developing a unique business model, which is web-based and project oriented. That also means we don't bother ourselves with the earthly troubles of building or renting expensive offices, and other expediture in connextion with the office operations, especially in metropolises. More importantly, we can fully explore our potentials of all of our people regardless of their locations, and our people are also benefitting from the flexibility to work remotely, mobile, cheaply and independently. Of course we will also organize rendez-vous at time and locations as needed everywhere in the world.

Therefore we are looking forward to hearing from you to join our group, if you're experienced in the IC or IP core design of RF, DSP, or modems for wireless and satellite communications. Please send your CV and other useful information so that we can contact you when we have the projects in your expertise.

All your communications shall be sent to:
[email protected]
Our website:

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