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Memory upgrades

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I need a simple question answered. I have a Pentium 3 500megahertz processor with a Windows 98 Operating System. I'm just wondering if I can place a 256 megabite stick of memory or better in my system or do I have to stick with a 128 megabite stick of memory or less. The reason why I ask is because I have 2-128 megabite sticks of memory already in my system and because I installed a DSL modem on my system, it chewed up a lot of memory in the process which has made the system to run slow because it is low on reserved memory left. With 1 memory slot left I do not have much room to play with.
I know that I have seen 256 megabite sticks of memory and better in computers that have those oven burners known as Pentium 4 installed in with it but never a 256 megabite stick of memory in together with a Pentium 3. I honestly do not want to get rid of any hardware or software on my system because I feel like that as soon as I get rid of any hardware and software that I going to need it that next day. :?


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More RAM more speed. You don't have to remove any hardware in order to increase your RAM. The more RAM you have, windows will use less amount of virtual memory and it will increase overall performance of your PC. Go ahead with your 256MB but remember to install it in first RAM slot bcos some BIOS have problem detecting other higher capacity RAM if they are installed afetr lower capacity RAM in the slots. In short larger RAM will coe first then the small ones.
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