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member "TPS"

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Please dont use this site to adverrtise. I dont like getting PM's with advertisment. I get enough junk mail as it is. If i need a project i will search google for it and then i will find the best person to make that project for me. Using PM's as advertisment is bad buisness


Hello Squintz,

I have sent this user a warning, and if any further instances happen he/she will be banned for good.

If anyone does come accross any further issues with this user (or any other) please do private message me. I have removed all advert posts.

Thanks Squintz for helping keep this community clean!


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Junk Mail - TPS

Sorry guys -- I got a PM last night from this member :evil:

I hope what they are hoping to sell as 'reports' has a better standard of english than that posting displayed :roll:


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i was bored so i decided to have a look at this guys site to see what he was trying to sell. First of all the site is amature quality. Who would buy technology from someone who cant demonstrate it himself. And what is that GAY rainbow scrolling across his homepage. Its a little gay if you ask me. But i have a suggestion.

He left his phone number and e-mail adress in the messages he PMed to me. So i say we fill his e-mail box with junk just like he did to our site.

But then as i type this i think that stooping to his level may not be such a good idea.

What do you guys think?
Not open for further replies.

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