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MC Gaussian distribution for inverter threshold voltage

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I need to overlap the MC gaussian distribution for threshold voltage generated using MATLAB and LTspice..If i use the same mean value(i.e 0.3558) and sigma value(3*sigma=10% i.e sigma=0.0333) for both my simulations then MATLAB distribution is much more wider than LTspice distribution..On the other hand if i use same mean value for both my simulations and sigma= 10% in LTspice and sigma =0.0333 in MATLAB then both the graphs overlay. But i need to incorporate the same value of sigma for both my simulations..May i know what's the relation between sigma and 3*sigma in LTspice and MATLAB respectively and how can i address this issue?

MATLAB code has been attached below.

n= 5000; %no of runs%
m= 0.3558; %nominal Vth/Mean%
sd= 0.0333; % 3*sigma standard deviation%
Vth= m + sd*randn(n,1); %Gaussian distribution of Vth%
hist(Vth); %Histogram of Vth%`
LTspice Code for generating Gaussian distribution has been attached.

VTH1=.3558*(1+gauss(0.1)) % sigma=10%
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