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  1. Z

    Kirchoff's Law for 3 loop circuit with multiple voltage supplies

    Hi, I am working on the below circuit to find; the power dissipated by RL (8Ω resistor), voltage drop across RL and current supplied by the 10 volt battery (V1). So far I have used Kirchoff's law to the best of my ability to get 3 loop equations but 4 unknowns, I am thrown off by the variable...
  2. A

    MC Gaussian distribution for inverter threshold voltage

    I need to overlap the MC gaussian distribution for threshold voltage generated using MATLAB and LTspice..If i use the same mean value(i.e 0.3558) and sigma value(3*sigma=10% i.e sigma=0.0333) for both my simulations then MATLAB distribution is much more wider than LTspice distribution..On the...
  3. Harsha1991


    I have created the netlist file filename.net in matlab. When i try to run the netlist file in matlab or in ltspice, I get 'Encountered a sharing violation while accessing a filename.net file' error message. If I terminate matlab and run netlist file in ltpsice or by double click, it will run...
  4. A

    Least square curve fit in MATLAB for Alpha power law MOSFET model

    For function like y = a*(x-b)^c, how can I use the least square curve fit feature to find out the coefficients a, b and c? But If i use the custom equation in cftool it reports " Complex value computed by model function, fitting cannot continue. Try using or tightening upper and lower bounds on...
  5. S

    variable pulses with stepper motor

    I build my robotics where i used stepper motor as actuator and Matlab/Simulink with arduino as controller . my control signal output in (rad/sec) and i want to send this signal to stepper motor pulse pin . the situation that my control signal output are variant depend on the sensor output so i...
  6. U

    MATLAB - need help

    I need help with MATLAB programming (signal processing, Fourier transformations,... - all that is related to basic telecommunications concepts). I am willing to pay for services. You can contact me at [Mod edit: personal email removed ]
  7. V

    signal processing

    I have ECG signal in PDF format.I want to process it in MATLAB..How to convert the pdf file and load in MATLAB?
  8. S

    Transfer function of Hybrid Stepper motor

    Please I want anyone help me to get transfer function of Hybrid Stepper motor, because I need to use in my control design in Matlab/Simulink for my project.

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