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magnetic rocketry


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Hi there, I got question here, is it possible to build a rocket by using magnetism concept? The rocket doesn't have to fly very high up, that means can fly inside a hall is more than enough. Please help me with any ideas that anyone have in mind. I have thought of a coil gun might be similarly to the concept of it. I would like anyone whom might be helpful enough to give me information more on the coil gun and how to construct it.Thank you.


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Interesting subject :)

I can't really see how you could "load" the rocket with magnitism, but you could sure hold a loaded rocket down by using some kind of electric magnet, and then releasing it by a switch.

That would be trivial to do even with a very small power supply (like a 1.5V battery)... but maybe that wasn't what you had in mind?

And by "not loading" I mean using home brewed solutions, not at goverment level :)

//Albert "thec" Sandberg


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well couldn't u put the rocket in like a tube with a lever on it, preventing the rocket from leaving the chamber, and use electro magnetism to build up a magnetic force great enough, then the lever is hit to release the rocket, and the magnetic force "pushes" it out of the launch tube?

just a thought

I did a similar project attracting a nail from 2 feet away using magnetism and some electrical current, u'd do the opposit, more like repulsion, it should be possible, isint that hor electric nail guns work?


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Hmm.. sure you could... two poles of the same don't match.. so.. one side of the electric magnet could be used as a "loader" so to speak.

Hmm.. try it out and give me a review :))

//Albert "thec" Sandberg


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Linear Motors

Depending on your concept of a 'Rocket'...

If a catapult firing a projectile is considered to be a rocket launcher then a system of two opposing magnets would be feasable (though the 'square-law' loss of field intensity as distance between the magnets increases would limit the useful energy imarted to the rocket).

If a linear motor is constructed in a launch ramp or guide tube then it would be possible to 'push' the rocket for the full length of the ramp/tube and so give it more 'thrust'. Something like this appeared in 'James Bond' film - shooting a metal tray along a horizontal track to decapitate a dummy.
For this to work the rocket must contain metal to establish the inducance-driven 'rotor' magnet. The launch ramp/tube would then contain a series of adjacent coils, powered in sequence to create a series of magnetic ripples along the ramp/tube. Don't ask for details -- I don't know! Maybe the idea could be what you are after?
A photo (of sorts) is available ... http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~tom/intro3.html


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What mechie alludes to is called a "rail gun"
Fire a sequential aray of ele mags to pull a farris metal projectile.
The firing order is not linear. Each mag should be fired in a shorter time delta than the last one. This will accerlate the projectile.

Timing IS everything.

Use large caps to dump current into the coils.

(more ideas? ask)


If built only half right it would easy to punch a hole in the roof of your "hall".

A device like this could KILL!

The eletricty in this project could KILL!

Hey, but have fun.

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