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looking fro some tricolour leds

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I'm trying to find 3 or 5 mm tricolour leds green/orange/red

the orange can be yellow too basically please no blue ! all i can find from major suppliers is ones with blue


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Normal red/green bicolour LEDs can be used.

If you have the two wire type then put them on a pair of PIC pins and rapidly switch the polarities (gives you yellow). Pin A high and Pin B low will give you green and Pin A low with pin B high will give you red.

If you use the three wire bicolour LED then by turning both LEDs on, you'll get a yellow (well kind of lmao).


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Tri-color LEDs are (almost) always red-green-blue since then they can produce nearly any color by combination. Red/green in varying combinations can give you yellow or orange. Like picbits said, a red/green bicolor LED can do yellow or orange by combining the green and red at different levels.


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oh so any bicolour led is also tricolour in a way ? perfect I've been worrying over nothing
If you mean that it can produce more then two colors. Yes.

But do not call it a tricolor.

With bi and tri color LEDs you can very the intensity of each of the existing colors to produce new colors. Because R G B are the primary light colors they can produce any color of light.

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