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Looking for some AM29F800BT-55SF Flash memory chips

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I'm looking for some AM29F800BT-55SF ... 8 Megabit Top Boot Sector Flash Memory ICs ... only need 5 or 10.

All the usual suppliers say they're obsolete.

I've found some AM29F800BT-55SI versions on ebay ... though the seller has a poor feedback. The "I" means it's an Industrial version so should be ok ... and I've ordered five.

They're not listed ... but I've also put in a quote request at UTSource ... they usually have most stuff I need ... but I've had a few duds (of other ICs) from them too ... so a bit cautious.

Would be nice to find some genuine old stock ... would give me more confidence.


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In Chrome, it auto-translates to mostly English for me..

I'd try putting a quantity in the box above "add to cart" and try adding them, to see where that takes you.
The minimum order is 22, so about $50

Also, if you put the part number back in the search after selecting English, you can get back to that page.

Check there are no stray items in the cart, its occasionally been showing a random item as i've been looking through the site.


Okay, thanks ... I was using google translate wrong. I eventually ended up at the play store and added the translate extension and now it shows more detail on each page ... not just the first page.

It's a pity I need to buy 22 ... 10 is pretty much all I'm likely to need in a couple years. I might wait to see how the 5 I ordered off ebay turn out first.

I was wondering too ... there was always 1 item in the cart for me as well.

I'll keep these details handy as I'm always after obsolete parts. Thank you.
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