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Longer lasting 3.7v batteries


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Hi, first time here so if I have posted in the wrong place please be nice and point me to the correct feed. The question is a simple one but just need to know how to implement it as small as possible. I have a business and to keep it short I have at least a couple of light fingered employees. I have a couple of what would be known as spy cams/pens etc and so forth. The problem is the battery life which runs off a Built in Solid 3.7v 1600mah Battery, but this only lasts 4hrs max. What is the smallest batteries i can get to run this at 12hrs plus? I read that you can link various 2000mah 3.7v batteries together but keeping it at 3.7v to increase the life of the recording.
I saw these Size : 6 mm (H)*60 mm (W)*90 mm (L)

5. Rating: DC 3.7V 4000mAh


Model :606090

Capacity : 4000MAH

Voltage: 3.7V
But are to big to put where I need them without making anything obvious, I have also on eBay what I would call pencil batteries with wires but don't know how long they would last? What batteries can i link and how to keep these running at a minimum of 12hrs plus and believe me I need to know how to link these in layman's terms and with diagrams. Please be kind as this isn't my area but really can't afford being stolen from to people I pay to do a job. Thanks in advance, Dave.



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Hi and thanks for the reply, I couldn't look as I don't put my email into sites I don't know for downloads. Thanks though chap.

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