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Hi be80be,
What is the type and value of L in the collector of Q2? Since there is no resistor in the collector, will Q2 be safe when it is turned ON? Just curious to know how this part works.


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The inductor is 680uH It on the web site at top of picture The pickit uses it to boost mclr to about 12.5 to 13 volts Q2 is controlled. by pwm.


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Open your eyes and you can see the pins are laid out the same. If you go by the port name and lay out your pickit2 It will work fine
Oh it's not paint by numbers and the pic is not programed by numbers It uses the port names A,B, and C
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There all the same port pins A, B, AND C

You don't USE D OR E port the PICKIT2 firmware will work fine on a 18f4550
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Ian Rogers

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Sorry Burt..... I must be going completely insane........ I just assumed they were inserting a pic18f4xxxx into a 28 pin socket.... I assume now they must be making there own board.

Once again... Sorry for the confusion.


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The information here is somewhat dated.

For most of us it is better to buy a pickit2 or pickit3 or clone. Microchip is very good about replacing busted pickit2/3s which makes them a better investment than a somewhat lower priced clone.

If you want to do a DIY programmer select a simple programmer to program the microchip processor needed to build a ICD2, PicKit2 or maybe even a PicKit3.

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