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Lilon battery charger and NiHM Batteries?

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cell phone batteries 3.7 volt Lilon aren't the life expectancy and/or the mAh ratings higher than MiHM batteries?

When putting batteries in series voltage rises amperage stays the same and amperage rises and voltage the same when in parallel, correct?

Would the Lilon charger charge NiHM batteries say 2 in series?

Isn't a Lilon Charger considered a smart charger, could it be adapted to charge a bank of 2,3,,4,5,6,... 1.2 volt 2500 mAh single cells to needed amperage by just changing the R values and/or adding a voltage dropping diode?


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Li ion generally have higher capacity then NiMh batteries. Not sure about the life time.

For batteries in series the voltage increases and the Ah stays the same. Batteries in parallel the voltage stays the same and the Ah increases. I think that's what you meant.

You can not use a Li ion charger to charge NiMH batteries. Their charging requirements are quite different.

You should only use a charger for the number of cells and voltage, and type of battery it's rated for. Anything different would require modification of the charger circuitry. It may be a smart charger but it's only smart for the type of batteries it's designed for. It has limited smartness.


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thank you for clearing up
I assumed because NiHm are current dependent at charging that the Li Ion charger would shut down once current level was met. Given they're within an acceptable current range of each other. I can't babysit the charger is my problem and I believe I have been over charging my NiHm batteries because I leave on charge too long while out or asleep even know I use a peak charger it turns to trickle, I think after charge cycle that I believe is internal timed and not temp or current based.

I hurt my back and aint working right now, I get bored easy and I like to build and repair things so...

If you can advise on adapting my auto peak charger (I am asking about charger in http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/charger-question.92381/) to shut down upon reaching current limit Please do and/or if you know where I may search and find schematic to build variable current/voltage charger that shuts off and not go to trickle but maybe kick on time to time to top off , That would be great I need to be able to charge from 2 to 8 cells at once , 2.4 volt to 9.6 volt packs, my lowest mAh per cell is 1500 and my largest is 2500 all are NiHm
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