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charger question

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I have a Model Craft MFG Pro Tech Auto Peak AC/DC 707 charger
I'd like to know where I may get a manual for it or help understanding how to use and if it is safe to use here is a link to photo of it

on the 4 pin it has 12.16 volts DC no load
and on the Deans it has 12.49 volts DC no load
I would be using it to charge ( if safe) a 4 cell 4.8 volt, 5 cell 6 volt, 6 cell 7.2 volt and 8 cell 9.6 volt battery packs all are NiMH batteries.
What would be safe lowest/highest voltage to connect?

I would like to know how to read meter when battery dead and when charged if possible.
gauge goes from 0 to 6 left to right.

Also want to know when and how to use the fast charge option.
My dad had it lying around so it would be a good deal if I can use it if not for all but some charging needs as it has 12 volt in as a power source.
Any help advice will be greatly appreciated. If in wrong forum please direct to correct one for question
Not open for further replies.

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