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ive been installing alarms for four years now. i really enjoy my job but recently decided to enroll is school for electronics technology. its a whole new beast but enjoy it just the same. just lookin to learn more and build some amazing stuff.


What's electronics technology? Especially in school the terminology for what you're actually studying is almost pointless, what is it that you intend to do with your education and what specifically are you learning? Electronics is such a vast field.


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i do realize that i wouldent use all of my studies in the alarm industry. i feel like if i could understand the devices i work with it would make me a better tech. but your right sceadwian sometimes it does feel pointless but i love it so i quit.

Ross Craney

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I have spent my whole life in the electronics/telecommunications industry. From electronic design to microwave radio engineer. 14yrs ago I was made redundant & started my own business in electronic security. It can be challenging but NOT from an electronics point of view !

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