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Lighting Control Circuit 12v latching relays and single pulses

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Hey everyone I am new here and thought id raise a post to submit my project rather than piggyback another.

I'm Owen, I am a mechanical engineer by trade but dabble in electrics a little. trying to become more diverse in electronics also and always enjoy trying to find solutions to my ideas.

So the basic gist of my idea if i want a 12v lighting control circuit for a camper van using capacitive touch sensors like these RS Touch Switch but i have absolutely no idea how these wire in. and to also incorporate the side door switch in to this so you open the door and it all turns on but doesn't turn off when you shut the door and opening it again doesn't send the trigger signal again ( i was thinking a latching relay for this)

I've linked the thread i originally enquired on Here and a link of my start of the circuit Latch Project.

From my trail of thought i think that this should take car of turning the light of from the door and isolating it once this is done. so if i want a seperate circuit to power this light and turn it off as well it will need to be pre the 12V + on the diagram. would this be correct?

so for so many questions I've not dabbled in this for nearly 15 years.
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