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Li-Ion Battery Charging TP4056 and 18650 cells

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I am putting the finishing touches on a project that really needs to be battery powered. Everything was based to run directly from cell phone battery back power pack where the components and module power requirements are 3.3-4V. Two things have happened since that plan was developed. First, I can't find a pre-made enclosure that allows for easy removal (for charging) or replacement to put in the next battery pack. Second, I came across the TP4056 Li-Ion charger module and a few options for 3.7V Li-Ion battery packs (the 18650 single cell and a couple of 2 and 3 parallel cell options, 3.7V but higher mAHr).

I was thinking of this TP4056 module


With the separate battery and load outputs.

What are the thoughts on these units?

Can you charge multiple cells in parallel with one of these units? I have seen the posts on the problems with series charging, but not much confirmation on parallel charging.


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They're fine. Max 1A, though someone who purchased one from us was driving 18650 cells in parallel and had no way to limit the current and subsequently fried the device with 3.5A (and pursued me for a refund which eBay approved).

There are two type of TP4056 floating around, with and without cell protection. The one you've linked to has cell protection .. that's the one to go for.

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