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lestronic ii golf cart charger

so shocked

New Member
I have a lestronics ii golf cart charger that has gone dead . When I plug it in no click, no humming of the transformer
I have checked the power cord and the power outlet. Both are good
The points are not closing on the charger/ relay to allow power through so i suspect it is the charger relay at fault. If I bypass the timer relay the transformer hums and i have power at the crowfoot plug
The Lestronics charger is a 36 volt, model 07850 type 36LC25-8ET
A new charger relay for this model is well over $200 and i hate to spend this money on an old charger. I notice that Amazon has a different shape of 36 v relay timer for a different model could this be made to work, i don't care about different mounting holes or size. Ant help or thoughts would be appreciated
Any help

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