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Led - Resin defuser idea.

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Im new here, hope someone can share there experiences with me.
project goal:
Led eliminated block of resin. Low energy, Low light.

I have no experience with resin, but I have an idea. I want to cast a block shape of milky/transparant resin 1 cm thick (no clue about the composition). I'm wondering if I drill small holes in and put some leds in there, would the resin defuse it equally?. if there is a better idea out there Im all ears.


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Might sound silly but a sugar cube may work well. They look white but are actually clear.


dr pepper

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Theres a 555 project competition thing on youtube where someone makes an analogue synth and uses hot glue to make leds 20mm round, it looks pretty good.
I've sanded leds with emery a few times to get better diffusion for backlighting.
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