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LED path ws2811

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Hi, I want to build an outdoor walkable RGB ws2811 led strip path (so a led profile with strips between the tiles).
While making a building scheme I wasn't sure about some stuffs.
The total needed length for the strips is 20 meters
As strips I think to use 4 RGB ws2811 12v 5050 30led/m waterproof strips (only silicone coated to make them fit in the waterproof walkable aluminium profile)
Let's calculate the power needed at full brightness: We have 30led/m, so a total of 600 LEDs that use 7.2w/m for a total of 144w at 12v

Now the issue is: since a want them to behave like a longer single strip, so the animations run smoothly from the beginning of the strip to the end:
1-what kind of controller should I use? keep in mind that it’s a home application and I don't need ultra-complex stuffs, just simple one like rainbow wave, shifting colours, waiving colours, etc... I have no interest in expensive controllers and, if you suggest it, I don't mind buying and Arduino and copying/Creating some code
2-can I connect them by simply soldering the out data from one strip to the in data from the other? or do I need some kind of amplifier?
3-so, to make this work I need to add a new AC230-DC12 50w waterproof transformer for each 5-meter strip. Is there a better or more efficient way to do this? I read about connecting 2 strips in a single 10-meter strip and then give power from each end, is it true? what kind of connection I should have? does it work better than each 5-meter roll powered from one side?

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LED strips are powered from a 12VDC controller, not from a 12VAC transformer. Most LED controllers I have seen will power only 16 feet of WS2811 RGB LED strips, not 20 meters that is more than 4 times longer. If you use 5 controllers then I do not know if you can "sync" them all so they show the same animations.
LED strips do not receive data. The data controls the 12V signals that light the 3 colors in the LEDs.

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I said AC230-DC12, I know they are powered from DC12, you are talking about standard strips, not the ws2811 ones that have 3 lines 12v DATA GND, I know how to use standard lines but not the WS2811 controlled ones. I don't know if by simply soldering the 2 data of each 5m strip and taking power from the external power supply, every 5m, the strip is read as one or not. It's me on the other forum too and no, is not a school project, I used we for a native language factor.
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