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Learning Atmel ARM micros

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The PDSR register still does not toggle. Attached is a screenshot showing this point....

I have compiled all the startup files and the PIO and PMC registers are set properly. Ports still not responding..

Any ideas....?




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I have no idea what the 'Autos' window does. What does the Registers window say below it for PIOA?

Otherwise, if those are correct watch's something is off with your hardware. Those 0xcdcdcdcd values should not be there at all. Most of those registers like PIO_MDSR are hardwired to default to 0x00000000 on reset. The fact that you haven't touched them and they are reporting non-reset values means there's something wrong.


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It now works!

I have a confession to make that might seem very obvious to you. With all the other micros I have played with (PICs, 8051, 68000 and some others) you can step through the code without needing to connect to the hardware.

It looks like the ARM is different - although I did have the hardware connected when evaluating with the IAR platform. I need to look more into this.

With the Crossworks compiler, it took some effort to get the compiler pointing to the right J-LINK files, but now it works and my LED is flashing under compiler control.

I really appreciate your help and patience with getting me through this. Now I have overcome the simple (read: stupid) stuff, hopefully I can move forward a bit faster!
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