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Can I use coIDE code in Keil u Vision (MDK-ARM) for an ARM processor?

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Hi guys, I have some Arm microcontrollers (STM's to be specific). There's a tutorial on youtube(Link to it-
If you look at more videos in the playlist, you'll get to the programming of the chip) where someone tells how to program a bare STM32 ARM processor with coocox CoIDE. But since the coocox website has not been maintained, I am not able to download CoIDE as it isn't maintained by anyone in coocox's website. (just for some extra info, I will also be using the STM32CubeMX, as some I have seen some tutorials use it, yes I know I have said that there are no tutorials, but none of them are for a bare chip).

I want to program a bare STM32 ARM chip for a project, but there's no proper tutorial for Keil u Vision, but only for coIDE. Can I just copy and paste the code which is supposed to be written for CoIDE to Keil u Vision? Is this possible? If not what should I do?

Thank you
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I have worked on stm32f051 discovery board with the keil uVision5 with GCC compiler.. I'm uploading one example code of mine..


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