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Learn ARM

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Hi, im comming from 8051 architecture, and i wanna learn ARM processor , i googled alot but didnt find any info or any tutorial , would you help me ?


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Hey! I'm working on a mobile gaming console that will be running my own written version of minecraft just for fun. I can't use a PIC18F4550 (best 8 bit I got) for a 3D engine and with the TFT RGB LCD im getting with a fairly high resolution for its size... So I'm going to 32bit 168mhz processing power! :D

Does anyone know of a website that uses PIC examples and all in C!

Thanks! :p


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A 168Mhz ARM would be used mostly with an embedded OS. These usually aren't run standalone. There would not be any basic starter pages for this kind of thing. The number of manufacturers of ARM is pretty high and each has their own peripherals, so it's not like there is a generic ARM 'how to' guide out there either, since it depends on the manufacturer and sometimes chip line from that manufacturer that you are using. I remember that Luminary Micro had some migration white papers from PIC to their line of Cortex-M3 processors. Not certain if that would help or not, since the chip you are using wouldn't be a TI/Luminary Cortex-M3.

If you have decent experience with PICs and can find some examples of code used in the chip you are using it's not that hard to figure out the peripherals based on the datasheet, but then again, that's assuming you are trying to program the chip without an OS.
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