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Labview and RS-232 (dwyers anemometer vt200)

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Hello, I am using a Dwyer VT-200 Anemometer that has RS-232 output to the COM1 on my PC. The anemometer came with some software but I don't feel like there is alot of use to it. It collects data just fine... it will plot graphs of data and what not...only thing is... it wont let me have text to manipulate...lets say in an excel spreadsheet or even just in wordpad.

My question is... how can I interface my VT-200 Anemometer through the COM1 port on my computer using LabVIEW. that way I can do all of my analysis, curve fitting...etc through labview and not this basic software. I've tried a few of the RS-232 examples and what not but it just doesn't seem to like the vt-200 inputs.

any suggestions???? thanks
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