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KiCAD misplaces symbols in schem editor

I work on Kicad on a computer in the office. Then when i go home, i copy the kicad project and libraries…and load them on my computer at home. For some reason it then looses a lot of the symbols in the schem when i re-open the kicad schem at home.
It must know what they are because it puts a question mark in the schem and writes down in words exactly what the symbol was (the ‘value’ field).

I can individually click each question mark and then get the correct symbol put back in there…but this takes a lot of time.
Do you know how i can avoid this happening?..or how i can quickly “re-incarnate” the symbols


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I tried Kicad and gave up so can't help there. However, I now use EasyEDA which is online so you can work from anywhere on any computer or, keep it on your machine. EasyEDA has the ability to import Kicad files and there are tools available to go back the other way.



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I find that the older last version under ver4 is far easier to use that the latest 5.
Ver 5 has had some quirks on the Win10 PC I am using.
Also there are some great youtube tutoriols by Niklas Wennerstrand and others out there for the ver 4.
It easily replaced an older version of Orcad for me

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