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Jukebox for the members Lounge

Nigel Goodwin

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I never wrote anything. Just posted the song

I was just mentioning a fact about it - and explaining why there's plenty of examples of the song.

You've perhaps heard of guitar shops having signs saying "no smoke on the water", drum shops probably have signs saying "no eye of the tiger".

Like I said, great song - but I've NEVER seen the film (or any of the films).

I did record them all off the TV, on Video 2000, but never watched them and the VCR, the tapes, and the entire V2000 system are long since in landfill.


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Rocky... Sylvester Stallone at his best

All my favourite movies are from the Eighties. There was non stop action and good storylines too.

We used to buy tickets and watch them in a Cinema with a huge screen and awesome sound.

Aww the memories stay forever in my head. Top Gun....was another one


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Dirty Dancing, Rambo, Iron Eagle.

Just awesome movies to watch in a Cinema with powerful sound too.


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Aww the memories stay forever in my head. Top Gun....was another one
Top Gun will stay with me for this reason:
Me and the GF, at that time, rented Top Gun from our very_close_by local video tape rental store.
I guess someone was watching us leave the store and where we went to, because we got up the next morning and found the front door had been forced and the VCR, with the Top Gun cassette still loaded, had been nicked.
Insurance paid out for everything without any problem, but the video tape rental store really tore the ass out of the claim.
They had multiple copies and although it was quite a popular movie when we rented it on that late Saturday night, there were still probably half of those copies available to rent on the shelf. They were closed on Sundays.
Cue some creative accounting and maths regarding potential loss of earnings until an estimated claim resolution date, emotional suffering at not being able to meet demand and Vicky having to take 2 days off out of sympathy for the customer*, and 1 video tape cost more than replacing a hardwood door & frame, plus a 2 month old VCR.


* - slight exaggeration there, but I'd bet that there have been similar ridiculous claims made, where people think there is a free handout from an insurance payout.


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Aww the memories stay forever in my head. Top Gun....was another one
A good flight movie with a very memorable theme (though most youtubers credit it to Van Halen...)
Steve Stevens and Harold Faltermeyer.

If you want to see another good Pre-CGI aircraft movie, have a look at "The Final Countdown" from 1980.



That's another one, but Smoke On The Water is the most banned :D (probably because it's easier to play, at least Stairway To Heaven requires a fair bit of expertise).
Makes sense. Your post just made me remember that scene.

I once saw "No Cliffs of Dover" I'm sure it was a joke tho, I would imagine anyone that can actually play it would be welcome to do so.


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This is not a music video but it brings a smile to my face.

Karcocha is funny.


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