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Jukebox for the members Lounge


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Nice drum solo in that killivolt.

I always thought he may have learned a few thing from this 1937 classic .... with a drum solo by Gene Krupa.



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Anything is possible; this is a comment someone left on the Video.

davidhertzberg quote: Here is the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor. Listen to the opening bass notes... they are repeated over and over. Just like those above, 250 years later.
This is a reference to what he was saying; I can't read music nor have I been classically trained so I'm just quoting his remarks.

I enjoy classical music as well; my wife and I go to the concert hall every now and again. I also enjoy attending the Senior Center once a year and watch Utah Orchestra with a friend of mine. Been doing it for years now.

My nephew played last chair violinest for Utah Orchestra until he got married.



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I was speaking to a Professor today; I gave him a CD to listen to and I forgotten this Band.

Not sure if they are still together or not. But; when my wife and I went to see them live; they blew the doors off the building.

One of those bands that are better live than on CD.



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Prefer the direct to disk version but this is still a contender. Direct to disc did not have Buddy Rich.

A sample from Harry James. King James Version direct to disk

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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask



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I love some classical music composers. I get a lot of stress during school and i get "moody" due to family problems. I have found a great composer called Ludovico Einaudi who plays absolutely stunning pieces.

A piece that strikes me is Love is a mystery: Love is a mystery - Ludovico Einaudi

Another piece i enjoy is Le Onde: Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde

Being a piano player i get incredible inspiration from him and play a few of his pieces. I feel you should check out his other videos if you like it

Another composer i like is Carlton Forrester. He also composes hymns and also composes some other music. It is increadibly uplifting

I love his amazing grace cover: Amazing Grace - Piano - Carlton Forrester

He also composed a song called Days. I love this piece: Days - Carlton Forrester (Original Song)

I think Carlton does not get enough credit on the songs he plays. It is all done by himself and in my honest opinion he is much better than some of the music listed in the pop charts

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