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JLCPCB Assembly – Addressable LEDs?


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I've finished laying out a board where I needed a few LED indicators and I decided to use a few WS2812Bs as a quick way to get some flexibility at the cost of only one port pin.

The JLCPCB assembly library lists several different WS2812 versions, so adding a few to my board was a piece of cake. Until I looked at the BOM. The addressable LEDs were not included in the parts to be assembled. The component says eligible for assembly, with plenty of stock, but the BOM says no.

Has anybody had any boards with addressable LEDs assembled by JLC?


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I just added a WS2812S-W to a board and it showed up in the BOM. I note that on some of the other variants it states "Doesn't support JLCPCB SMT service".



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I think they have an issue with height of components, which is reportedly why the library doesn't include any USB connectors.

Strange that they are included in the assembly library.


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After exchanging a few emails with JLC and getting nowhere, I actually tried ordering the board. The BOM left the JLC Assembly box blank, so I had some doubts.

I uploaded the Gerbers, BOM and P&P files, and the quote page shows the LEDs will be installed, and the price of them is listed on the quote. So apparently, this is an issue with the EasyEDA BOM. It will be a while before I order the boards, but it looks like the WS2812 variants from the assembly library should be ok. Just make sure they show up properly on the quote page and on the board image in the quote.

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