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I've bought an Invensys D78559 programmer/timer and can't fit it. HELP

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I know its a long time since JFK1000 posted (2008) but can anyone help me. I bought the Invensys D78559 cooker timer/controller from Indesit and they insist this is the correct replacement for my Creda 48431 cooker. My original timer is a Diehl Typ 311/162 T20 and the pin arrangements are different. Indesit won't help. Can anyone help me sort out the pins with a view to connecting it up?


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You will need to take a nice clear picture of the front and back of the original module, as well as the same for the replacement, maybe it will be simple enough to guide you from that. While you are at it.. send ithe pics to the supplier as well
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Hello frs100, Thank you for your reply. I'm new to this game and consequently I'm finding it difficult to upload my jpegs. They won't copy and paste!!! How do I do it?


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Hello frs100, Thank you for your reply. I'm new to this game and consequently I'm finding it difficult to upload my jpegs. They won't copy and paste!!! How do I do it?
You better ask the moderators about this. Also check the "how to add pictures to your posts" instructions. More than likely, your images are too big
Hi sid, Im looking for just that module, can you tell me where you got it (if you are allowed to do that on this site, not sure about teh rules..)
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Hi mikehem, I bought it online from the UK importer Indesit. Their website is Indesit Company - Index. It cost £66.37 + tax. Postage was free. The manufacturer is Ivensys in Germany and they are very helpful. They helped me install the new unit since the connections are in a different arrangement from the original equipment. Best of luck. If I can be of further help just post me a message.
Hey Sidmaybe. I am to track down a DL8559 for my SMEG cooker and cannot locate it on the Indesit website. Any chance you could send me a link, reference number? Many thanks. Andy
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HI Andy, The part number is DL78559. Do you think that perhaps you may have ommitted the 7 on the search? I actually telephoned the factory and spoke to a technical guy who could speak English. They were very helpful and told me how to set it all up and even emailed a circuit diagram with the terminals marked on. I hope that solves the problem, Regards Sid
Hello Sid,

I wonder if you remember how you connected the new Invensys D78559 Programmer/timer. I have exactly the same problem here, I just bought a new Invensys D78559 timer to replace an old Diehl timer on my cooker and the pin arrangements are different.

Can you help please?
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I've searched my computer for the email I received from Germany with the pictures of how to connect, but to no avail. Contact details with Invensys are as follows:

Bernhard Weinmann
Engineering Manager
Siebe Appliance Controls GmbH

Weinmann, Bernhard <Bernhard.Weinmann@invensys.com>

If you have any difficulty let me know and I'll dismantle my Creda and photograph the programmer as is now!!

Thank you for your reply,
I phoned hotpoint service yesterday but they wouldn't help at all so I eventually phoned Invensys in Germany.

I was put through to their technical person and he was able to answer my questions and give enough information to help me connect the new timer.
It is connected now and working.

Thanks again
I also have the same problem with compatible parts but different pin configurations, but on this occasion cannot contact Invensys Germany as the location has closed. Any help would be appreciated.

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