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Isolated Input, MOSFET AC/DC Solid State Relay (SSR) 2017-01-03

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crutschow submitted a new article:

Isolated Input AC/DC Low On-Voltage Solid State Relay (SSR) - Solid-state discrete AC/DC relay uses MOSFETs for low on-voltage and has opto-isolated control input

Here is a basic solid-state relay that uses two back-to-back MOSFETs for on/off load control from either an AC or DC supply (either polarity).
As shown below, two N-MOSFETs are connected source-to source so that they can block voltage in either direction when OFF.
When their gates are biased ON they will switch a load from either an AC or bipolar DC supply (V_Source) since MOSFETs conduct equally well in either direction when ON.

MOSFETs have an efficiency advantage over SCRs for switching...
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