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Bipolar AC/DC MOSFET Low-Side Switch 2016-11-07

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crutschow submitted a new article:

Bipolar AC/DC MOSFET Low-Side Switch - AC/DC Low-Side Switch With Low ON Resistance Uses Two N-MOSFETs and One NPN Transistor

Here's a low-side switch for AC, and plus or minus DC sources, using two back-to-back N-MOSFETs and one PNP BJT to form a low-side AC/DC bipolar switch.
This has much lower On voltage drop and power loss than a TRIAC and it doesn't latch on with a DC source as a TRIAC does.
It can be used in place of an SSR when the AC/DC voltage source is already isolated from the Mains by a transformer and thus isolation of the control signal is not required

The circuit uses the fact that a MOSFET...
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