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Efficient MOSFET Bridge Rectifier for Resistive Loads, Or Input Power Auto Polarity Gating 2017-03-07

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crutschow submitted a new article:

Efficient MOSFET Bridge Rectifier for DC Motor or Other Resistive Loads - MOSFET bridge provides efficient AC rectification for operation of high power resistive loads

A MOSFET bridge rectifier can provide much higher efficiency than a standard or Schottky diode bridge for high current resistive loads, such as powering DC motors or high current plating baths from an AC source.
This makes for higher efficiency and no bridge heatsinking requirement, even for relatively high bridge currents.

The bridge consists simply of two N-MOSFETs and two P-MOSFETs cross coupled so that their gates turn on at the proper time in the waveform.

During the low voltage part...
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