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Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )


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Hi.Have an question. It is possible that when turning on oven make a 0,5-1second power spike,without tripping fuse or breaker? I ask because when my mother in kitchen turned on oven,diablo 1 crashed to desktop on my old laptop. Nothing get tripped etc,lights not. So it was coincedence that game crashed in this moment or not?

Laptop not restarted i just saw STEAM icon like always and desktop ,when i back.

Event viewer said that:"A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Steam Client"
"the service did not respond to start or control request timeline fashion "

Also i was on balcony in this time.

Diablo 1 is from GOG not steam.


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Crashed to desktop sounds more like it might have been messing with the WiFi more than a "1 second power outage".

Don't know why Steam losing the internet would cause GOG Diablo to crash.

Ask your mom to turn on the oven again a few times. Sample size of 1 doesn't tell you anything.


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We tried 4 times turning oven when diablo 1 was running. Nothing happened. Also steam was running fine. But steam is only background. Diablo 1 is standalone not from Steam.

Nigel Goodwin

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Turning an oven on adds an extra fairly high wattage, and assuming it happened at the peak of the mains, it could quite possibly cause a mains glitch enough to crash a computer.


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Laptops have batteries so power outages don't matter. Most likely coincidence.



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30000 milliseconds is 30 seconds. sounds more like a network problem than a power problem. it could have been anything from your ISP resetting your connection to some problem on the Steam server. i know my ISP resets my ip address once in a while, sometimes while i'm doing something online like watching a video. if you need to check stats on your connection, as well as the current external (the "internet" side of your modem) ip address, take a look at https://ifconfig.me/ if you are running a linux machine, you could write a script using "curl ifconfig.me" to inform you when your external ip address changes, as well as keep a log of ip address changes. a typical residential connection gets an ip address reset about once a month.

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