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Is there windows os for ARM?

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I have following questions in my mind;
1. I want to ask is there Windows OS like Windows SE for ARM processor and microcontroller?
2. Can i make windows os for arm or there is any library for it? If i can make then what are the prefer book and softwares required for it?


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but how can we make os for embedded systems any process details books and softwares?
You are in over your head if you are asking these questions. An OS isnt one thing. It is many many things working together so asking how to build one is a bit like asking how to build a city.

Try start researching just the one component of the OS you need the most. I'm guessing it will probably be the task scheduler for multi-tasking (which is a big part of why an OS exists in the first place).

You keep saying you want an OS like Windows. I assume that means you want an OS with a graphical user interface (GUI), but the GUI is the last thing you should be worried about when making an OS.
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Sorry if you mind it. Actually i am engineer and i am working in my lab on various projects. From my projects one is navigational device with os on back side thats why i was asking about os. i have software which is free and its name is mapfactor but no os for that. this is the reason i was asking to make os but but if it is really a big task to make os for embedded system as my embedded system is(navigational device) then still i will try and work hard because i love it please any best opinion if you have like any book or free websites of library files


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There are alot of navigational systems around, give some details on yours. Windows 10 was/ is supposed to run on ARM processors but because they didnt want to release source code the processors are restricted. Windows CE RUNS on most ARM based chips.

I would go the latest CE route depending which ARM core you using, so far i dont mean to be offensive but you havnt given any clue to which ARM chip! You are aware just how many ARM core based chips are around? Not to mention the number of different types of ARM cores.

Then you also have the windows 10 IOT OS, this is very different from the normal windows 10 however, I am pretty sure it can run on the raspberry pi which is where I would head by the sounds of your project.
I dont like win10 IOT OS, I would go linux route with ARM core and there is plenty of navigation software for ARM based cores.

Can you give more details? as it stands you could use a special win 10 version but would be limited to snapdragon chips with ARM core, win ce will run on most decent ARM cores but obviously dont try it on a M0 core! Windows 10 IOT was designed for IOT devices running different ARM cores but its a mess IMHO. Keep in mind alot of modern medical equipment are running windows on ARM based systems.

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