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IoT, Node-Red, Home Automation

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I have automated factories from back in the PDP11 days. I have a home automation system that started with a early Z80, z180, 80186. I am working on a Raspberry Pi system now.
One of my hardest jobs is to get a Z80 to work on the internet. My web pages are hard to make and I never got email to work.

I started using Node-Red software.
1 hour: I got "ping" to work. I can see what computers are on and what cell phones are on the network. (I can see who is home)
1 hour: Made a web page with one variable and made it available to every one on the network.
1 hour: On an event, the computer sends a email to my cell listing what happened.
1 hour: Have web page switches and sliders working. Have text boxes (in & out) working. Meters and graphs working.

So the really hard things happen easy. But I am having a hard time to make the easy things happen. LOL "IF this THAN that" is hard for me but if I knew software better I can see that it is probably easy. If you are trying to get your PC or Pi talking to the world, internet, face-book, cloud, sensors, etc, consider Node Red.
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