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Inverted Pendlum Project - need some guidance

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See I have to do a project on 3D inverted pendlum for my final year. Could you just guide me by giving me some links or reference material that may help me get started especially if you have done it in the past.

Even if you could provide me with links to the 2D inverted Pendlum that shall also be helpful for the time being.

I just need someone to guide me so I may get started thats all.


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Also Google "fuzzy logic inverted pendulum" for many hits. Fuzzy logic is generally easier to implement in a microprocessor than PID control, is easier to understand, especially for a beginner, and requires less computer capability. The control loop basically just consists of a series of If-Then statements.
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The essential item with this project is to examine an equation of motion associated with the translation, and also a separate equation of motion for the rotation. This would give you 4 state variables, for the 2D case. If you then consider the axis perpendicular to the 2D motion, you would have 4 more state variables. ... Total of 8.
As I recall, one of Dorf's later editions covered the 2D version in some detail.
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