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ink level maintainer -sensor..

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i am building an ink level maintainer which checks and maintains a specified level of ink in ink bottle...what i need is an analog sensor which can tell the depth to which the ink bottle is filled....i hav thought of 2-3 types of sensors but am not sure they will work..please help me out.

1)ir distance sensor: but i dont think the ink surface would reflect enough ir ray as it is a fluid as well as black/dark blue in colour...
2)weight sensor: lets say i want 20ml of ink in my bottle..so i can calculate the weight for 20ml..now if there is lesser ink than 20ml ,the weight would be less ..i can measure this weight difference and convert to voltage...but i dont know how sensetive this system would be..and even if i can measure weight difference for small drop in ink leve,i dont know how to convert this weight into voltage...
3)ultrasonic sensor: but i dont know how to use it to find the ink level in a small bottle?i mean the bottles are very small and i dont think sound is agood option for it....

i dont really think any of the 3 options above will work...can anyone tell me a better soln. to my problem...in need of urgent help...pls reply asap...


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I found the second option is the best choice. Consider the weight itself as voltages. You've to use an electronic weighting machine. You need to program a microcontroller to maintain the ink level when weight varies in some ranges.


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You might also consider a capacitive sensor. The ink probably has a huge dielectric constant compared to air, might even be able to put it on the outside of the bottle.
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