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I need to know if i need anything else to add to my homemade electric Mouse Trap

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I made a homemade mousetrap using a step down transformer from a digital clock a Microwave Oven Transformer a box and a few other things but i need to know if it would work i tryed to test it out but its cold out and rainy so i dont think mice or rats would be out so i need to know if it needs anything to improve it or if it will even work

how it works is by having the 120 VAC going to the step-down transformer and then putting out about 20 VAC and that is then wired into the primary of the Microwave Oven Transformer where i believe it outputs about 350 VAC i don't really know how much current it outputs though but the ground from the Microwave Oven Transformer is fed into a short steel can and the Hot wire from the Microwave Oven Transformer goes into the can and is able to have bait stuck to it so when the rat/mouse goes in it gets zapped, i left it running for about a half an hour and it didn't get really warm so it would have to be on a while to get hot but just in case maybe ill add a fan later but here are the schematics for it below

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