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HP Laptop charging/turning on problem

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My ac adapter started going bad to the point where i had to pull it out and put it back in in the right spot for my laptop to charge. I just had the computer reformatted and it was working great. All of a sudden my computer shut off without any warning, i don't recall having a low battery. I took it to get looked at and was told i needed a new ac adapter. I got a new ac adapter off ebay and the adapter seems to work fine but the laptop still wont turn on. I get a periodic charging signal that goes in and out almost like it is trying to give me a morse code or something. Except it doesnt change rhythm. I tried taking the battery out to see if the battery had gone bad during the 6 months it was not being used. However, with the battery out, I get no charging signal at all and it does not turn on.

My laptop is about 5 years old and is a HP zv5000 if it helps....


the problem should be the power socket. one other thing you didn't tell us about is the condition of your power pack. see if your power pack is giving out the needed voltage, confirm the fitness of output plug of the power pack.

if all is well with those items listed, you can go ahead changing the socket.
be careful if this is your first time.

michael moon

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if you have a mulitmeter then unplug the battery first and see if it has a charge in it , then check if the laptop will come on with only the ac adapter attached , sometimes the battery pack dies and it will not come on whil eits attached to the laptop , the batterys have a life of between 3 to 5 years , sometimes they wont charge or they just fail outright , if the laptop comes on with just the ac adapter then the chances are you just ahve a faulty battery or charging circuit, some laptops have a seperate charge regulator inside , if it does not come on with jus tteh ac adapter then it may well be a sprained power connector , at this point take it to someone who is comftasble with replacing the onboard socket if thats what is loose (obviously check it first ) if your comftable with changing the socket yourself then try and get a strip down manual for the alptop as it will make your chances of messing up much less


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Ugh, HP Laptops unfortunately have some of the most troublesome power circuits out of ANY of the laptops. Especially the dv2000 series and some of the others released around that time frame. I can't TELL you how many people I have had to tell: Sorry it sounds like the charging circuit has gone bad (adapter almost ALWAYS is putting out the correct voltage to +/- .3V which I consider operator error). It got to the point on one of the forums I am on if I see laptop will not charge, that I automatically assume its an HP (9 times out of 10 I am right). Sometimes if the person is lucky the laptop still powers up with the adapter in, but not always.
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