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how to use handphone to perform remote control...

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i'm researching how to build remote control using telephone line, but is that possible to use handphone through SMS???


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In january 2003 a uk magazine published an article on controlling two mains sockets by SMS complete with circuit diagram. I cannot upload article to forum due to copyright restrictions but back issues are availabe by snail mail for a price.

GSM modem (WMOi3)

GSM antenna

found this 2 nite


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hai evryone out there, firstly i would like to ask for help for some one who can help me.....huhu....actually i'm the computer science student, in my studies, i need to develop some system in order to finish up my learning process. in that case, i already decide to develop one application which is automatic fish feeder(AFF)....but that (AFF) only can be working by telephone control.....what i mean is by using telephone to make a phone call, the (AFF) can be operate.....can anybody outside there willing to help me....what i means i from the references material and so on....i'm really appreciate it....


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Isn't this world strange?
Some people call it a cell phone.
Some people call it a mobile without calling it a phone.
other people call irt a hand phone.

I used to have a cell phone given to me by my daughter so she can call for help. Now I just have wireless home phones and some frs walkie-talkies.
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