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How to make Grow Light with LED?

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I made a LED setup with blue and red LED that is supposed to help me with indoor planting. I used total 4 LEDs (2 Red and 2 Blue) for one pot of Portolaca flowers. But I think it is not simulating the sunlight properly. How many LEDs am I supposed to use? How should I make the connection?


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blue is good for germination an veg but red for flowering, overall the red blue idea is loosing popularity due to the limited spectrums
i use a white led strip at 40 watts, 72 LED's and the small plants love it, even more when i add 2 more lights... totalling 120watts in a 1.5ft x 3ft area

....also since leds dont get too hot you can move the light in closer to the plants for better efficiency .. the only time my plants get too close and burn is when the grow right up against the lights plastic shielding.

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