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led light

  1. R

    Battery powered COB LED illumination drop off

    PROBLEM: 24 SMD COB LED has too much illumination drop off over 3 hours. Currently powered by four 3V button batteries. PREFERRED SOLUTION: Get this battery powered LED to perform more consistently over a few hours. THE STORY: I’m working on a little project at home for a custom...
  2. L

    Repair LED light of Moon lamp

    I have a moon lamp which consist on LED light now light of my moon lamp damage i want to repair but i don't know specification of LED light and also need battery to convert my best moon lamp into chargeable so recommend me Light and battery for moon lamp moon lamp working on 5A and 12V adopter...
  3. sr13579

    How to make Grow Light with LED?

    I made a LED setup with blue and red LED that is supposed to help me with indoor planting. I used total 4 LEDs (2 Red and 2 Blue) for one pot of Portolaca flowers. But I think it is not simulating the sunlight properly. How many LEDs am I supposed to use? How should I make the connection?
  4. W

    LED Drivers capacity

    Hello All, Thanks for having me in your group. Up front I am a disabled senior with no electronics experience at all and to old to learn much. I have always wanted to learn electronics design, repair, build ect. but never got the chance, I envy you guys and have a world of respect for your...

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