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How to know my Seven Segment Display

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I am using a large (4 Inch ) seven segment display. It gives decent brightness when applied 12V with a series resistance of 680 ohms and takes almost 6mA at this set up. I have no data sheet or nothing.

For multiplexing I need to know exact voltage and current ratings of this display. Any chance

'CE1H002A' this is the only thing written in this display.



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I would measure it. Use a lower voltage (4V, say, so you don't blow the thing up with too much reverse voltage) and a lower resistance, to ensure that approx 20mA flows through the LEDs.

Then get probing. You should have 2 common pins and these will be shorted together internally. Then you need to work out if the common pin is common to all the LED anodes or cathodes.

From there you should be able to work out what pins drive what segments.

From what you tell me, it does not seem like you need a datasheet. They are normally just a bunch of LEDs inside a big package, shaped in the form of 7 segments

Hope this helps:D


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Firstly I need to know how many displays will be in the "run" to give you full details.
Basically you can deliver a maximum 45mA to a segment for 10% of the time and this will give you equivalent brightness to your 6mA constant current.
You can work "down" from these figures.
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