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How much ram do you have?

How much RAM do you have?

  • < 32 MB

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  • 128 MB

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  • 265 MB

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  • 512 MB

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  • 1 GB

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  • 1,5 GB

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  • 2 GB

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  • > 2 GB

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my option isn't listed. I have 64MB ram on a P1 200Mhz, and so far, it is working well! hehe ;)
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Im curently using 300MB of my 1 GB but thats gest to 500MB and more whithout an game.

btw: My phone has half of the ram you have(32MB)The new firmware is golping it like crazy.
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I also have an 256MB RAM on my graphics card(GeForce 6600)

I got it for the same price as the 128MB version.(they got a sale)So i tock the 256

I think 256MB is a bit of an overkill.


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Someone Electro said:
I think 256MB is a bit of an overkill.
No, 256 is standard and for some games even required to run good, 512 is a bit of overkill atm...

Half-Life2 and Doom3 have serious trouble running on 128Mb vga in a decent resolution...
My Dell had 512MB from the company. When I got World of Warcraft, I had to update my video card but also added an extra 1GB of memory. I was going to go for 2GB just so I wouldn't have to update for awhile, but RDRAM is quite expensive compared to other types of RAM.


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for most gaming situations, 380 odd mbs fits what you *need* meaning that 512mb is pretty much NOT overkill, and that it is ideal <necessary>
What I can tell you is I have 1gb ddr2 whatever whatever, and there's no looking back <also used for server etc.>

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